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Arriving at the Manchester airport and taking a taxi to the hotel was jarring. New Hampshire is full of campaign ghosts for me. In 1996, I was a Gore campaign field coordinator for the remote and rather bleak northern town of Berlin. Seeing the mills, the familiar streets, the restaurants. I couldn't believe I was back, or how comfortable it felt.

I spent the day driving around New Hampshire with Senator Lieberman, the ROCPAC political director Joe Eyer, and two other staffers. Towards the end of a long day of campaigning, Eyer asked me how I thought it was going.

He said that I should be ready to give feedback to the Senator at dinner that night. I was reminded of a West Wing episode where Josh is convinced to go with Gov. Bartlett to New Hampshire to see if the candidate "has what it takes." And lets face it, who wouldn't want to feel like Josh on the West Wing?

At dinner, I was almost giddy to be sitting at the table with a top tier presidential candidate critiquing his performance and giving him my theory on how to win the New Hampshire Primary. Throughout the day he had impressed me (and the crowds) at each event with his knowledge, confidence, humor and comfort with himself. And like Josh, I was immediately smitten by the candidate.

—Peter Greenberger, April 2003
NH State Director, Lieberman campaign

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