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We've been working out of my girlfriend's grandmother's house since I've been on board the campaign. Our "office" is located on Crestview Street, Manch Vegas, New Hampshire. We've got a phone line and we're hooked up to the internet — though not at the same time.

Becca's grandmother, who is known as Goody, is wintering in Sarasota, Florida and doesn't exactly know that we're here but she's a good democrat and probably wouldn't mind. If Dean does become President I think he owes it to her to appoint her as Secretary of Jewish Grandmothers.

Its really amazing to see how Josh (the only other NH Dean staff person), and I can run a presidential campaign out of someone’s house. Its also a testament to our patience and lack of money. Luckily, Josh and I get along well. This is kind of like being trapped in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere with the snow coming down and no one knows where we are. But we've got food, cable TV and the oil bill has been paid by Goody.

—Steve Gerenscer, February 2003
Deputy State Political Director (second staff person hired), Dean campaign

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