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Seventy-five million fans can't be wrong, right? NASCAR is the largest growing sport in the country and I've been told that three quarters of all NASCAR fans admit to purchasing products that are advertised on the cars. So I guess it should seem like a natural fit for a presidential candidate to advertise on the side of a NASCAR car (or truck as the case may be). However, since it has never been done before it seems to be drawing quite a bit of attention. Never before has a presidential candidate so openly tried to capture the "NASCAR vote" and attract a whole new demographic of supporters.

To that end, Bob Graham has plastered his campaign logo on the side of a Ford F-150 NASCAR Craftsman Series Truck and thereby made his campaign staffers instant NASCAR fans. Three weeks ago I couldn't even tell you what NASCAR stood for much less anything about the "sport." Now I can speak knowledgeably about the different types of races, the rules, and even the drivers. I still have a hard time agreeing with the idea that a car driving in a circle over and over and over again can be considered a sport, but I can now begin to understand what the attraction is. The speed, the noise, the excitement. What's not to love?

—Kristina Saunders, July 2003
NH State Deputy Press Secretary, Graham campaign

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