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Thank god it isn't raining. It's really hot and humid though. And windy. Still could rain. Boy, I hope it doesn't rain. It's a little tense before the big event. We all feel good though. The Teamsters stop at nothing in creating the best endorsement tour possible.

I was trying to get some tape for the curtains to make sure they didn't blow open during the event. I should have realized we'd have eighty people standing on the risers and the curtains wouldn't even show. By that point the key parts of the event were out of my hands. You hope the plane landed on time, but can't control it. You hope there's not traffic on the drive from the airport, but can't control it. You hope a thousand Teamster union members come pumped up and ready to help Dick win, but can't control it. You hope Hoffa and Dick make the rally speeches of their lives, but can't control it. Turns out the plane was on time, there was no traffic, a thousand Teamsters showed up ready to rock, and Dick gave the kind of knock-em-dead speech that makes people say, “That's Dick Gephardt?” I love it when he does that.

—Kathy Roeder, August 2003
NH State Press Secretary, Gephardt campaign

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